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October 28, 2015
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March 10, 2016

If you turn on the tap and it fails to supply water, it may have an airlock. To be sure about the airlock, first check your water tank to see if it has sufficient water or not.

How to remove an airlock
An airlock in a water supply is a very problematic phenomenon and must be handled immediately, just like we quickly respond to how to unblock a blocked toilet Grove Park.

In order to resolve the problem of an airlock in pipework, attach a length of hosepipe to the tap that has an airlock and attach the other end of the hosepipe to a working direct feed tap. Most commonly, it is the cold of the kitchen sink.
Now open both the taps connected with the hosepipe to allow the pressure of the main water to force the air bubble back out of the pipes. Let the procedure continue for a few minutes and then turn off the affected tap first.

You may need to repeat the process a few times until the lock is released and water starts running smoothly. After the job is done, undo the hose from the higher of the two taps before you release the lower and let the water in the hose in order to drain it into the sink.

If more than one tap is affected:
In case more than one tap is having the same problem, clear it from the lowest one. Push the length of the hose into the outlet pipe within the tank. Then open the tap from the other end and blow through that hosepipe in order to dislodge the lock.

Draining down to break the airlock:
This is the final step to resolve the problem. Open all the taps to drain the water after turning off the water feed. Close the taps to three-quarters and turn the water supply back on. Now adjust all the taps until an even flow of water is achieved. Go around and open all the taps one by one; your problem is resolved. The problem is tricky, but no more difficult than unblocking a blocked toilet Grove Park.