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March 8, 2016
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April 3, 2016

Cutting a copper pipe:
Plan properly before cutting the pipe, especially when you want to fix emergency plumbing Grove Park projects.
Remember to plan for:
The water supply being disconnected
Having all necessary equipments
Positioning of pipe
Arranging for extra material if needed

Pipe measurement and marking:
To measure the position of the cut, allow enough for the pipe to fully sit into the joint. Inside the fitting you will see a slight ring where the inserted pipe will butt up to. In case you do not find that ring, push the piece of pipe into the fitting until it is properly home; mark the pipe at the end of fitting. Withdraw the pipe; now you can measure the extra length of pipe from the mark to the end of the pipe.

Cutting the pipe square:
To be sure, mark the pipe where you want to cut it. Keep in mind that it should be cut square. Copper is a comparatively softer metal and can easily be cut with the help of a hacksaw.

No doubt a hacksaw has the ability to wander, yet the best answer is to work with a paper guide as it will avoid the risk of 24/7 emergency plumbing. Take a paper with a straight edge and wrap it carefully round the mark on the pipe. In this form it will automatically give you a straight guide that is square to the pipe. Now hold the pipe firmly and give it the cut along the edge of the paper.

Using a pipe cutter for the copper pipe:
It is always better to use a pipe cutter as it will also save you from 24/7 emergency plumbing Grove Park. It provides accuracy in cutting while cutting the pipe at the right angle. Clean off the burr with a small file or the emery paper after the cutting has been done.