May 28, 2014

Stop Cylinder Corrosion

Corrosion is a big problem when water and metal interact, so there is a piece of metal called an anode which is fitted in water heating […]
May 28, 2014

Identity Cards, Corgi

As with most things in our lives, there are rules and regulations that govern what we can and cannot do. This definitely applies to a lot […]
May 28, 2014

Hot Water System

There are generally two types of hot water system used by households in the UK. Below is a brief explanatory guide to the systems.High-Pressure:Should you isolate […]
May 27, 2014

Circulating Pump

The central heating circulating pump will usually sit impassively in a cupboard or somewhere out of sight and you may never see it, until of course […]
May 27, 2014

Central Heating

Boiler:The boiler normally has a model number so you can identify the system that is fitted in your home. It should also have the manufacturers name, […]
May 8, 2014

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May 7, 2014

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May 6, 2014

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April 14, 2014

Boiler (Tips)

If you ever suspect a gas leak you must immediately contact the National Gas Emergency Service immediately on 0800 111 999.Below are some Tips:1). You should […]